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Productive day

I finally got the bathroom all cleaned and set up for Paizly’s quarantine. I just hope she uses the litter box instead of the floor.

Bathroom as quarantine area

Bathroom as quarantine area

I decided as long as I was cleaning, to scrub the sinks and organize the counter tops.

(Yes, that’s gold marbling on the mirrors (house was built in the late 60s). The sinks used to be pink with gold marble veins, but I hate pink so I painted them with outdoor latex paint – they’re holding up well so far!)

Tidy bathroom

Tidy bathroom

Of course, now the drawers and cabinet insides are a mess. I’ll organize them later. The rugs are in the washer, but I’ll put those back in the bathroom when they’re done. At least Paizly still has her little bed as a soft spot to rest on! I may get a small box to put it in, so she has somewhere to hide away. Or put her paper grocery sack in there, as she loves being in that.

Paizly's quarantine bed

Paizly's quarantine bed

I also did a few extra batches of laundry to get caught up. Usually I only do one batch each day in the mornings. But since I’ve slacked off all week, figured I better do more.

A lot of my socks are getting holes in them, plus there’s a set that’s just way too small (I bought them thinking they were okay, and tried to wear them, but they’re just too tight). Since nobody’s going to want holey socks, and I don’t think I can donate already worn ones, I figured I better use them somehow! So I did an internet search for “use old socks”, and found quite a few ideas! Here are just a few – I’m sure there’s more, but I better get back to chores instead of puttering around on the computer.

* Cup cozies – keeps hands from getting cold or hot holding a drink.

* Catnip bags – put some catnip in, tie shut and watch the fun! (Zinny has plenty of fun with empty socks too!)

* Cleaning/dusting rags – slip over your hand and wipe away dust. Or use with water, vinegar or mild cleaner for soiled spots around the house.

* Stuffing – cut up a bunch and use as stuffing for small pillows, miniature stuffed animals, neck roll (below), etc.

* Wet umbrella cover for in the car (need large sock for this). Be sure to take out of the sock and open up at home to dry out, or the umbrella will mildew.

* Furniture leg ‘coasters’ – cut off just the toes and slip over the legs of furniture to keep solid floors from getting scuffed.

* Hot pack – fill with rice, tie end & microwave.

* Cold pack – fill plastic zipper baggie with crushed ice and put inside sock.

* Coin purse – keep spare change in at home. If you want to use it as a coin purse inside a regular purse, you can fancy it up by sewing a small zipper or snap on the top and embroidering or embellishing a plain white sock.

* Odds & Ends keeper – keep small things like nuts, bolts, fishing lures (without hooks), etc. in socks

* Keep long sleeves up – cut ribs off socks, and put up over rolled up sleeves to keep in place

* Small hand muff – cut toes off several socks and put them inside each other. For a better look, sew some other material on the outside (spare fleece, old sweat shirt, old jeans, etc.)

* Back scrubber – put a sock over a back scrubber if you don’t like the feel of the bristles (which I don’t).

* Neck roll – stuff a longer sock (with cut up socks!) and sew end shut to use as a neck rest on the couch, in the car, etc.

*Drawer sachet – put a scented thing (dried herbs, used dryer sheet, old wax tart melt, old scented candle, etc.) in a sock and keep it in a drawer or closet to keep clothes smelling nice.

* Soap pouch – put bar soap in it, and tie the end shut. You can either do this with a new bar, or when it gets “melted” down too small to handle easily.

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Oohhh, so that’s where the ads are!

Since I have a free blog, it has ads…or at least that’s what the agreement said when I signed up. However, I have never seen any. I figured that’s because since I’m the owner, and logged into my account for managing it, I was exempt from seeing ads.

So I got curious about how others might see it. I went upstairs and used my dad’s computer. Firefox and Explorer do not have ads. But when I viewed it with Chrome, some of the words in my posts were highlighted with double underlines. I hovered the cursor over them, and got an ad popped open!

The advertising makes absolutely no sense to me, though.

Here are the words and what they link to:

pregnancy = Symptom Find (okay, I guess that one is logical)

gain weight = Wal-Mart gift card of $1,000 (I guess if you want to get diet stuff at Wal-Mart?)

bladder = AloSearch, a price comparison site. I dunno about you, but I probably will never be shopping for a bladder (I did need surgery for mine when I was a kid; but just fixing it, not replacing it!)

So, if anybody sees highlighted words, there’s really no point in clicking them. If you want to see what REAL links look like, go to the “who is vivid dawn” button (over on the right) and see the links to my cats. Heck, go see them anyway! LOL (though they really need to be updated!)

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New schedule

My schedule plan as of now is to get up at 7 a.m. and do the typical morning things like get dressed, make the bed, eat breakfast, grooming (brush teeth, brush hair), feed the cats and be ready for the day by 9 a.m.

And then I do house chores until about noon, then do my paid work assignments until dinner time (5 or 6ish).

However, when I go out to feed the feral cats, it’s been so nice outside, that I linger out there and putter around to enjoy the morning, and end up running late, then I feel rushed – which I hate.


So I think I’ll change things around. I’ll still get up and do the morning routine, but then I think I’ll take the laptop outside on the patio and do work until later in the afternoon. Then when I’ve gotten my dose of sunshine, fresh air and wildlife watching, I will be okay with staying inside the rest of the day for housework.

This will be wonderful in the summer, as later in the day it’s too hot to be outside, but the mornings are perfect. Right now I still need to wear a jacket, but everything is green with flowers blooming and just too beautiful to miss.


Last year I worked outside in “nice” weather, but since it was the middle of the day, that limited me to only a couple months in spring and autumn. This way, I’ll have more time and without much seasonal breaking.

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medical memo

Back from the medical appointments. This time, FINALLY, I didn’t have to pee in a cup before my Depo-Provera shot. I guess after 10 years of being negative for pregnancy, they finally believe me if I just tell them “nope, not pregnant”. For now my injection site doesn’t hurt… but it may start getting sore later. I hope not!

One more reason I really need to stick to my diet and gain weight. The shot is supposed to go into fat (which would prevent soreness)…but at 80 pounds, I ain’t got none!


Blood tested, but I won’t get the results for a few hours.


I’m going to eat lunch, then snuggle with Paizly. Then clean out the bathroom so I can have it all nice and ready for her quarantine.

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Glimmer of hope

I don’t know if it’s because the medicine is working and Paizly feels better from that, or the fact I forgot to give her evening dose so she wasn’t mad at me then… but she came up on the bed to lay with me last night! Even with Nebbie and Xanthe already with me, too! Okay, so Paizly did do a bit of hissing and growling, but eventually she settled down and napped for a bit. When I woke up a couple hours later, she was back on the couch. Maybe she wanted some active attention/petting.

I think I’ll dedicate a half hour (or more!) when I get home from the doctor appointment, to sit on the couch with her and try to give her some lovin’s. A’course, with my luck, she won’t be in the mood then and will tell me to go away and not bother her. Oh well, I can try!

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Torture – take two

I took Paizly to the veterinarian office this morning, to be shown how to express her bladder. Not one, not two, but THREE nurses all told me I had to have her put to sleep for it. I don’t know if they were just ignorant, or trying to get money out of me!

I realize that cats have their bladder expressed after being put to sleep and belly-fur clipped, so that they don’t do it during surgery and contaminate stuff. Maybe this is what the nurses were thinking of. One told me you can’t do it when the cat is tense from being scared. But since I have seen 3 different vets do it to Paizly on the exam table, I know it can be done. Plus there’s plenty of internet videos about other awake/stressed cats having theirs done too.
I just can’t figure out how to do it on her deformed pelvic area. I think I keep squeezing the wrong part, and I’m afraid of rupturing something – another thing the nurses pointed out. “If you don’t do it right, you could rupture the bladder or another organ”. Yup, that’s exactly why I came to be taught by professionals!

Anyhoo. I guess both vets were busy, and I gave up trying to convince the nurses that it can be done on a conscious cat. Instead, I asked about non-absorbent litter. Another thing I’ve done internet research on, but apparently none of the companies that make it will sell to individuals, and always instruct you to get it from your vet. Once again the nurses tried to say “I’m sure you can order it yourself.” Once again, if I could do it myself, I wouldn’t have come to the office! OIY!!!

Both vets are wonderful, and I trust them. The nurses…eh, not so much.

Eventually I got them to give me a small sample (little baggie) of their non-absorbent litter, and asked them to order me a full supply, which should arrive on Friday.

Tomorrow I’m going to isolate Paizly in the bathroom, as much as she’ll hate it, so I can finally get a urine sample to test. I guess I may only test every couple of weeks, rather than once a week, if this is how it’s going to be.

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Spring has sprung!

Soooo nice to have spring on time this year! Last year it was still snowing in May! (on the 31st there was enough of that wet heavy junk to collapse canvas and metal tents (and of course the little flimsy pop-ups too!) on my first SCA camping trip!). Ski resorts were open for skiing on July 4, for cryin’ out loud!
It has been rather nice the last couple of weeks, with temperatures in the high 40s & low 50s. Of course, being Spring, that means Mother Nature is having PMS, and today was a STORM! This morning about 8 a.m. I woke to the sound of howling wind. And rain splattering on the window. And lightning and thunder. As the weather had forecasted snow (I prefer the rain), I did all my outside errands this weekend and planned to spend all day inside doing house chores. So I stayed snuggled in bed until 10 a.m.
The storm has calmed down to just being breezy, so now I should go feed the feral cats. It’s a couple hours late, but I highly doubt they would venture out in wild weather to eat anyway!

Oh, and the daffodils and crocuses have been blooming for the last few days, too! Kids were flying kites the other day. Spring is definitely here! YAY!

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Torture for the greater good…

It’s so frustrating not to be able to explain to animals that health care may not be pleasant in the moment, but helps them feel better eventually.

Every time I give Paizly her medicine, you would think I was squirting acid in  her face, not syringing medicine in her mouth. Four times a day until Thursday, then only twice a day….for the rest of her life.    *sigh*

I’m also supposed to express her bladder once a day, but haven’t been able to yet because she fusses, squirms and nips at me so much. So then her urine festers and she gets sick, and needs medicine…and gets fighty with that! Sheesh.

This might seem horrible in some opinions, but sometimes I wonder if I should just euthanize her so she doesn’t have to deal with all this junk every day. All she does is lay on the couch, except to eat and use the litter box once a day. That’s no life! I try to get her to play, but she just turns away and acts like I’m a bother.

I’m taking her to the vet tomorrow, so they can show me how to express HER bladder. Her pelvic area is deformed, so that may be why I’m having trouble doing it. I’ve read articles, looked at pictures and watched videos to learn how to do it on a normal cat… but when I try on Paizly, I just can’t get it. I’m afraid I might be squeezing the wrong thing, if things are all misplaced, and that’s why she nips at me, and I don’t want to force it and rupture something like her spleen or liver!

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Procrastination pro!

My second post only took me over a month to be written and posted. My goal was (is?) to do at least one each week.

As finances are still strained, and will be for a while, I’m putting off getting all the fancy features I want. One I’m seriously considering right now is changing the font…I hate sans-serif!

I changed the “about me” link and page to a more satisfactory setting, though it’s still not quite how I want it. Good enough for now, though. I also have to change/update the outside links in that section, too!

The mountain sunrise picture is not my “dream image”, but good enough. It was taken on vacation a couple years ago, when a friend and I went to Wyoming. Actually, I think it’s a sunset…heaven forbid I be awake early enough for sunrise! Buuut it LOOKS like a nice sunrise. So I’ll just fake it for now. I really want a picture of the sun rising in the Weber Canyon, which is seen right outside the front door of my dad’s place. And I would like to have that image as a panoramic picture at the top of my blog, and a slate/gray-blue background with pastel yellow links/trims. A’course, all that needs to wait for me to get unlazy and work and make more money!

That’s it for now. I’m going to take a nice long, hot bubble bath and go to bed. Yay for lazy Sundays!

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