Vivid Dawn's random ramblings


on March 29, 2012

Oohhh, so that’s where the ads are!

Since I have a free blog, it has ads…or at least that’s what the agreement said when I signed up. However, I have never seen any. I figured that’s because since I’m the owner, and logged into my account for managing it, I was exempt from seeing ads.

So I got curious about how others might see it. I went upstairs and used my dad’s computer. Firefox and Explorer do not have ads. But when I viewed it with Chrome, some of the words in my posts were highlighted with double underlines. I hovered the cursor over them, and got an ad popped open!

The advertising makes absolutely no sense to me, though.

Here are the words and what they link to:

pregnancy = Symptom Find (okay, I guess that one is logical)

gain weight = Wal-Mart gift card of $1,000 (I guess if you want to get diet stuff at Wal-Mart?)

bladder = AloSearch, a price comparison site. I dunno about you, but I probably will never be shopping for a bladder (I did need surgery for mine when I was a kid; but just fixing it, not replacing it!)

So, if anybody sees highlighted words, there’s really no point in clicking them. If you want to see what REAL links look like, go to the “who is vivid dawn” button (over on the right) and see the links to my cats. Heck, go see them anyway! LOL (though they really need to be updated!)


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