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Productive day

on March 30, 2012

I finally got the bathroom all cleaned and set up for Paizly’s quarantine. I just hope she uses the litter box instead of the floor.

Bathroom as quarantine area

Bathroom as quarantine area

I decided as long as I was cleaning, to scrub the sinks and organize the counter tops.

(Yes, that’s gold marbling on the mirrors (house was built in the late 60s). The sinks used to be pink with gold marble veins, but I hate pink so I painted them with outdoor latex paint – they’re holding up well so far!)

Tidy bathroom

Tidy bathroom

Of course, now the drawers and cabinet insides are a mess. I’ll organize them later. The rugs are in the washer, but I’ll put those back in the bathroom when they’re done. At least Paizly still has her little bed as a soft spot to rest on! I may get a small box to put it in, so she has somewhere to hide away. Or put her paper grocery sack in there, as she loves being in that.

Paizly's quarantine bed

Paizly's quarantine bed

I also did a few extra batches of laundry to get caught up. Usually I only do one batch each day in the mornings. But since I’ve slacked off all week, figured I better do more.

A lot of my socks are getting holes in them, plus there’s a set that’s just way too small (I bought them thinking they were okay, and tried to wear them, but they’re just too tight). Since nobody’s going to want holey socks, and I don’t think I can donate already worn ones, I figured I better use them somehow! So I did an internet search for “use old socks”, and found quite a few ideas! Here are just a few – I’m sure there’s more, but I better get back to chores instead of puttering around on the computer.

* Cup cozies – keeps hands from getting cold or hot holding a drink.

* Catnip bags – put some catnip in, tie shut and watch the fun! (Zinny has plenty of fun with empty socks too!)

* Cleaning/dusting rags – slip over your hand and wipe away dust. Or use with water, vinegar or mild cleaner for soiled spots around the house.

* Stuffing – cut up a bunch and use as stuffing for small pillows, miniature stuffed animals, neck roll (below), etc.

* Wet umbrella cover for in the car (need large sock for this). Be sure to take out of the sock and open up at home to dry out, or the umbrella will mildew.

* Furniture leg ‘coasters’ – cut off just the toes and slip over the legs of furniture to keep solid floors from getting scuffed.

* Hot pack – fill with rice, tie end & microwave.

* Cold pack – fill plastic zipper baggie with crushed ice and put inside sock.

* Coin purse – keep spare change in at home. If you want to use it as a coin purse inside a regular purse, you can fancy it up by sewing a small zipper or snap on the top and embroidering or embellishing a plain white sock.

* Odds & Ends keeper – keep small things like nuts, bolts, fishing lures (without hooks), etc. in socks

* Keep long sleeves up – cut ribs off socks, and put up over rolled up sleeves to keep in place

* Small hand muff – cut toes off several socks and put them inside each other. For a better look, sew some other material on the outside (spare fleece, old sweat shirt, old jeans, etc.)

* Back scrubber – put a sock over a back scrubber if you don’t like the feel of the bristles (which I don’t).

* Neck roll – stuff a longer sock (with cut up socks!) and sew end shut to use as a neck rest on the couch, in the car, etc.

*Drawer sachet – put a scented thing (dried herbs, used dryer sheet, old wax tart melt, old scented candle, etc.) in a sock and keep it in a drawer or closet to keep clothes smelling nice.

* Soap pouch – put bar soap in it, and tie the end shut. You can either do this with a new bar, or when it gets “melted” down too small to handle easily.


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