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Busy bumbler

Wow am I ever busy now!

Just got a second part time job. So now 2 jobs (part time, but still have to commute to both!) and then the “job” of volunteering with the cat rescue. Plus I’m still needing to get my basement cleaned out for putting in new flooring.

There’s a saying: “Don’t find time, make time”. Well, I’ve been wanting these (banana pudding bars) for a while. So I finally shoved away my long To-Do list of chores, and did it.

banana pudding bars

Seems more like a pie to me, as it has crust. Still yummy-licious!

When a recipe calls for “whipped topping”, I make it from scratch – real (heavy) cream and sugar. I hate that hydrogenated oil junk (oil on pudding pie? really??). So, today I licked the spoon when I finished spreading it on top. Went in the kitchen to put the finished treat in the fridge… when I came back out to gather up the mixing bowls, Xanthe had her head in the bowl and licking the cream from there! Awwww! Wish I had my camera ready to take a picture.

Soooo… I still need to update for the last couple weeks. But at least I did a post for this week!

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My second home…

For anybody who’s wondering, this is the cat center… or at least the back room. Somewhere I have (better) pictures of the front room and infirmary. I’ll have to find those next week, and maybe make an album of them or something.

The infirmary has cages, but in the front and back rooms the cats are loose and roaming free!

ANBAR cat center - back room

Back room. For the more outgoing cats.

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Fortnight update

So, here’s my huge update for the past couple weeks. I am currently sitting at the laundromat waiting for dog beds to dry.
I was supposed to work today, but they had an extra person come in, and there really wasn’t anything for me to do. So I did the cat center laundry today, instead of Monday as I planned (good, then I can take them down tonight and let the kitties have nice clean beds they can puke on after five minutes of being used! LOL)

3/31 Saturday
Today started out like any normal Saturday. I got up at 8 a.m. to do my morning chores and leave the house to be at the cat center by 10.
Most volunteers do only the basic chores at the cat center, which is scooping litter boxes, and making sure the food and water bowls are filled. We’re supposed to mop the floors once a week, clean out all the snuggle boxes once a week, and empty out the litter boxes to wash/scrub them once a week. Well, the floor was getting pretty nasty, as well as some of the cats have started pooping in the snuggle boxes. So I decided I was going to try to catch up on as much of the stuff as possible. Cleaned out the snuggle boxes, then got to work with the mopping. I did have one other person helping me, but doing over 500 square feet of cement floor with a sponge mop is a little too much all at once. In fact, we didn’t even really get done, and quit after only doing 3/4 of it. I also had to quit because it was time to pack up cats and drive them 20 miles to Petco for adoptions.
I got to Petco, got the cats all settled in their cages, and sat down to talk to my supervisor about a party we were planning for all the volunteers. My heart started ‘jumping’, so I figured I would go home and take a nap for a couple hours.
Got home about 4:30, checked email and went to bed. At 6 my alarm rang, but I pushed snooze figuring I’d only lay there a little while. Well, I slept through snooze and when I looked at the clock it was 6:23! I was supposed to be at Petco at 6:30. So I get my shoes on and dash out the door. When I got to my car, I felt a little woozy, but figured it was because I had just gotten up from a nap (and I had not eaten much more than a hamburger for lunch…no breakfast, and no dinner yet).
By the time I got a mile or so down the road, my heart was pounding and beating crazy, I felt really light-headed and was having difficulty concentrating on driving (or anything, really!).
I went through a traffic light, which luckily was green, but realized I hadn’t paid any attention to it. A couple blocks away from Petco, I pulled over, because I seriously thought I was going to pass out at that point. I didn’t dare drive even the last couple blocks, and risk crashing (either into somebody else, or even just a fence or light pole).
I texted my supervisor: Dn’t feelgood…pulled over…vallining help… (which of course was supposed to be: Don’t feel good…pulled over…calling help) with shaky hands and a ‘fuzzy’ head. Then I called 911, and had them come get me and take me to the hospital 2 miles away. (which, by the way, cost $1,280!)
One of the other volunteers “had” to drive cats for me, obviously (I usually do it, since nobody else wants to “waste” time or gas for it).
By the time I got to the hospital, my heart had calmed down and was out of A-fib by then. I was back home by 9:30.

4/11 Wednesday
I got a job! It’s part time office work and monitoring urine sample testing. My boss and one co-worker think I’m a little strange, since I love to do the tedious things like filing, organizing paperwork, filling out paperwork, and the usual “boring” stuff. But since I’m a shy introvert, I would much rather be in the back office than dealing with people. I -can- deal with people, just don’t like to most of the time.
Oh, and sometimes there’s kids that we have to do hair tests on. I like kids even less than I do adults, but it won’t be very often, and it’s just cutting a small hair sample… though with my luck I just know I’ll get the fussy ones!

4/13 Friday
First day on the job. Wednesday was just an interview and to meet the owner of the place. Today I got to file papers and fill out some of my employment documents. I was only there about 5 hours, but that’s enough for the first day.

4/15 Sunday
Today at the cat center, we did a huge project! A vet and assistant came to clean out ears and give medicine for ear mites. And so that it wasn’t a pointless treatment, 7 volunteers spent 7 hours cleaning and sanitizing the whole place! Though it really needed it anyway, ear mite extermination or not.
We got ALL the snuggle boxes scrubbed out, all the floors mopped and scrubbed, all the laundry done and caught up (well, I took the really big dog beds to the laundromat to use their huge washers).
Now the only thing that needs to be done is the office organized. It looks like a tornado hit in there. I keep meaning to do it every time I go to the cat center, but get involved in other stuff (such as syringe feeding a sick cat, that takes 20 minutes or so).



Good grief! I’ve been wanting to write a huge update, and I just keep getting too busy!

Also, I’m not sure if I want to put everything in one post, or do individual ones (there’s at least half a dozen).

Quick update: I got a job, part time doing office work. YAY! Volunteering at the cat shelter is what I’m mostly busy – the other day we had seven people working from 1-7pm sanitizing the whole place. We also had 2 vets there giving treatments for earmites… maybe FINALLY we can be rid of them, and the poor cats won’t be so miserable anymore.

I’m sure there’s more, but I’m distracted with the thought of how much housework I need to catch up on. I will TRY to write a post next Sunday or Monday, when I actually have time to sit at the computer for more than 5 minutes.


Reporting for slacker duty!

Wow, I am so behind on posts! Especially considering that I was doing more than one a day. Now it’s back to one a week? I promise I won’t go back to one a month!

Anyhoo… as I want to go to bed early tonight, and it’s already nearly 9 p.m., a quick update:

Saturday I had a heart “attack”/episode and got to ride in the ambulance and spend a couple hours in the ER.

Wednesday I had a doctor appointment that was already scheduled, but also ended up being a follow-up from Saturday. Thankfully it wasn’t a big enough issue to start taking heart medication again (YAY! I hate taking pills!)

Thursday (well, I guess Wednesday night) I started my new regimen of taking 3mg liquid Melatonin plus a dose of tart cherry juice that also has melatonin in it, plus is supposed to help with arthritis pain. So far neither one is working – I still take a good 2 hours getting to sleep then wake up several times a night. I knew the arthritis thing might take a while, though, so I really wasn’t too disappointed with that issue.

Today I got nearly halfway done with a job assignment of writing articles about wholesale sunglasses. While most people think $50 for 10 articles is a rip-off, at this point I figure ANY money is better than nothing. And yeah, it is tedious to write, and I’d rather spend my time doin’ other stuff (like getting the house clean for remodeling in a few months)…but oh well – again, it’s better than other things like totally wasting my time playing video games (as I know many other people do) that is not profitable or productive in the least bit!

I will give more detailed updates later (probably when my writing assignment is all finished – Tuesday). Also, will post pictures of me with my rainbow (for Easter/Spring) hair tinsel that I am going to go put in right now!


April fool!

Mother Nature’s prank was not very fun. Alright, I’ll let it slide for today, under the circumstances. But winter is OVER (last month). No more snow after today, for at least another 6 months!


*goes to take a nice long, hot bubble bath, then go to bed with the electric blanket turned on “high”!*

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