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Reporting for slacker duty!

on April 6, 2012

Wow, I am so behind on posts! Especially considering that I was doing more than one a day. Now it’s back to one a week? I promise I won’t go back to one a month!

Anyhoo… as I want to go to bed early tonight, and it’s already nearly 9 p.m., a quick update:

Saturday I had a heart “attack”/episode and got to ride in the ambulance and spend a couple hours in the ER.

Wednesday I had a doctor appointment that was already scheduled, but also ended up being a follow-up from Saturday. Thankfully it wasn’t a big enough issue to start taking heart medication again (YAY! I hate taking pills!)

Thursday (well, I guess Wednesday night) I started my new regimen of taking 3mg liquid Melatonin plus a dose of tart cherry juice that also has melatonin in it, plus is supposed to help with arthritis pain. So far neither one is working – I still take a good 2 hours getting to sleep then wake up several times a night. I knew the arthritis thing might take a while, though, so I really wasn’t too disappointed with that issue.

Today I got nearly halfway done with a job assignment of writing articles about wholesale sunglasses. While most people think $50 for 10 articles is a rip-off, at this point I figure ANY money is better than nothing. And yeah, it is tedious to write, and I’d rather spend my time doin’ other stuff (like getting the house clean for remodeling in a few months)…but oh well – again, it’s better than other things like totally wasting my time playing video games (as I know many other people do) that is not profitable or productive in the least bit!

I will give more detailed updates later (probably when my writing assignment is all finished – Tuesday). Also, will post pictures of me with my rainbow (for Easter/Spring) hair tinsel that I am going to go put in right now!


3 responses to “Reporting for slacker duty!

  1. WritingNerdy says:

    *knock knock*
    Guess who I just found? 🙂

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