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on April 16, 2012

Good grief! I’ve been wanting to write a huge update, and I just keep getting too busy!

Also, I’m not sure if I want to put everything in one post, or do individual ones (there’s at least half a dozen).

Quick update: I got a job, part time doing office work. YAY! Volunteering at the cat shelter is what I’m mostly busy – the other day we had seven people working from 1-7pm sanitizing the whole place. We also had 2 vets there giving treatments for earmites… maybe FINALLY we can be rid of them, and the poor cats won’t be so miserable anymore.

I’m sure there’s more, but I’m distracted with the thought of how much housework I need to catch up on. I will TRY to write a post next Sunday or Monday, when I actually have time to sit at the computer for more than 5 minutes.


3 responses to “Overtime

  1. WritingNerdy says:

    Yay for kitties. That job sounds awesome. We’re going to have to exchange kitty pictures soon.

    I’m going to link t_bot to your blog; I hope you don’t mind. Try talking her into creating a “hidden” Facebook account (one that’s totally private so that noone is able to search for her) so that she can be friends with us there. BTW, I’m going to recommend DottyDot as a friend on FB, in case you are wondering who it is I’m telling you to befriend.

    Last thing before I take my nap: Want to be blog buddies? I don’t know how hardcore you are about blogging and promoting your site, but it’s something I’m working on doing, though it’s coming along extra slowly since I don’t understand much about SEO writing (shock!), backlinking, etc., etc. Anyway, when I get up in a little while I will add a link to your blog on my site (if that’s okay; if you rather I didn’t, just let me know) and we’ll see how much traffic we can start stirring up.

    If you can find some creative ways to hint to people like Kit, L.Kay or GhostCat in the same way you did to me, that would be awesome. I think t_bot is going to try convincing them to join LinkedIn? Anyways, time for sleep!

    • Vivy says:

      Sounds okay to me! I want to actually re-do my website so it’s not so…”childish”, I guess (and cheaper…I’m only using half what I pay for, so once I get everything saved to my HD, I’m downgrading the features/storage to fit my budget better). I still want it to be my personal one, but a little more mature too. I know nothing about back-linking and all that other e-business junk…I do all this for fun, but wouldn’t mind joining in on groups and communities and stuff like that.

      Actually, the rescue group I am with would LOVE more exposure (mostly for more donations! LOL), but I dunno if it would be worthwhile for anywhere outside the local area. But hey, if people out of state want to donate money (it’s tax deductible!), that’s fine with us! At the moment, I would love more volunteers…took me nearly 2 weeks just to get those half dozen people the other day >_<

      • WritingNerdy says:

        We can learn about all of that fancy stuff together; I plan on researching it to the point that I understand it well enough to write a blog on it.

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