Vivid Dawn's random ramblings


on June 12, 2012

A few little extras before I go to bed.

Had a glass of milk to take my Warfarin, which upped my calories to 1530 for the day. Still need 970+ though!

Also, I had a caramel frappe from Burger King today. Those things are wonderfully evil!
Pros: Yummylicious! The “high” from the caffeine made me feel like I had energy to do ANYTHING! Then the low/crash from the caffeine high about 6 hours after drinking is much like taking Ambien…I’m woozy and foggy-headed and barely enough coordination to walk around. (or type…I’ve hit “backspace” quite a lot now!) Hopefully I’ll fall asleep quicker than my usual hour-plus time!
Cons: Expensive…$3 for a medium?? The high from the caffeine (which starts about half an hour after) got me all jittery…my body (mostly hands and legs) were shaky and my heart kept skipping/jumping – not enough to cause any real worry, but certainly annoying!

Okay…I’ma go beddy-bye now. Gotta be up at 7 to leave the house by 8 so I can get to a blood testing appointment, work at the cat shelter to supervise a couple new volunteers and drive a friend who can’t drive to his doctor appointment! And I really should just get decent sleep and a good breakfast, rather than get another frappe, despite it’s energy boosting.


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