Vivid Dawn's random ramblings

New health plans

on June 12, 2012

Wow…so much for my post a day…or week!

Jobs are going good. Haven’t worked much, but enough to get my savings bulked up a bit. Along with my Godmother’s birthday present money, I now have enough to buy the vinyl flooring! Still gotta get the place cleaned up and ready for the flooring work to be done, though…but I still have 3 months for that – I want to have everything completely finished no later than October 10 (I go on vacation 13th, and would like to come home to a nice “new” place!)

As most dieters, I get all geared up and do good for a few days, then slack off and “Eh, I’ll start next week”…which gets said EVERY week. I do have a phone app that should make it easy..which it does. The app itself is quite nice, but my phone is so small that it’s annoying to have to scroll through so many ‘screens’ to get all the information accessed and recorded. So I bought the same program in PC version. Now I’m going to try just simply writing “sandwich 3pm” on the phone’s notepad, then at the end of the day do the FULL nutrition information on my computer where there’s much more room to see everything (and a true keyboard…I hate little finger-pads).

Today I had 1383 calories of the 2500+ I’m supposed to. Also, my saturated fat intake was in the red zone  😦  Other nutrients like cholesterol and sodium were okay, though.

My sister gave me a little MP3 player for my birthday (phone can play them, but again…I don’t like my phone for much more than being made to talk to people!). With the birthday money my dad gave me, I bought mini speakers. Now I can have music on my night-table and play soft relaxing instrumentals, or some guided imagery and fall asleep faster… or at least that’s the plan!

Also, I’m looking into quitting Depo-Provera injections and instead having a Nexplanon implant. I just need to get the okay from my cardiologist if I can, because the implant increases risk for thrombosis (clots) and one stroke was enough for me! But I’m on daily Warfarin/Coumadin and 2-3 times week Aspirin…so I’m hoping that reduces the risk enough. I’m tired of shots, and while the implant will hurt really bad for 1 day, it lasts 3 years…not 3 months!


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