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Bucket List

on June 13, 2012

Bucket List – Beta (v 0.9)

This will be added to and/or re-arranged. I know I thought of a #3 the other day, but now I can’t remember what it was. Time for bed!

Estimated/goal time to complete

Give Ryan his finished Baby Book (scrap-booking project I started 6 years ago!)
Less than 6 months

Be out of debt.
30 months max / Jan. 1 2015


Own my own “home” (at least a camping trailer for “full time RVing” lifestyle, though a manufactured home on my own lot would be awesome)
after my Dad passes away (until then, I’m living at home)

#5 Graduate College (Utah State University). Even if it’s only an Associate level, but a Bachelors in zoology (local wildlife) would be wonderful.
2-5 years… hopefully before I’m 50, so I can have some time to USE the degree! (if I started right after I got out of debt and did a 4 year program, it’d be about 2019)


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