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Slowly but steady…

Eh…didn’t make it again, but a little better than yesterday. Partly because I slept a lot. Didn’t get up until 10, then took a nap from 2-4. Puttered around with talking to my godmother on the phone an hour, played with kitties. Anyhoo, maybe tomorrow will be better. Today’s tally:

hot chocolate: 200ish

cheese danish: 300ish

fruit punch: 200ish

burrito 400ish

milk 150

Total calories: 1,250+

I still need a snack before bed. I’m thinking either oatmeal or candy bars – both 300ish.

Forgot to weigh myself today. Or at least my usual way…with my clothes on in the afternoon (rather than in undies in the morning) it was 77.6. I think I like that, even if it is wrong by a good pound! LOL


I got my living room more or less cleaned up. Still gotta vacuum, but I may do that another day. Got 5 boxes full of stuff to donate to the thrift store, and 4 large trash bags to be taken out to the garbage bin. And I still have my bedroom/office area to do! Dunno if it’ll all get done by Friday…I may have to scramble Thursday night to at least clear off the carpeted area. Already I just started dumping stuff in boxes, and stacking them on the table, just to get the floor cleared off.

Of course later I’ll have to actually go through all these boxes and organize stuff into proper places. But I won’t be in such a rush later.

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Try, try, and try again

Epic fail. Today’s total calorie count so far: 1,080. I was gonna try for at least 2,000. If I have more Carnation Instant Breakfast and a chocolate covered granola bar (the generic brand, because it has 220 calories… I like the taste of the Quaker better, but they’re only 140), I can ALMOST reach my goal at 1,580. But almost doesn’t count.

I had considered a burrito with cheese and ranch dressing. But I think that’s much too “heavy” (and spicy) to have at 9pm. I will plan that for lunch tomorrow, though. It’s a good 700-ish calories if I drink more Carnation junk with it. What I really should do is dip into savings and buy a week’s worth of Ensure Plus or Boost Plus, and have at a couple of those every day. My doctor actually wants me to have 3 a day until I get up to 90 lbs, buuuut they’re $100 a month, and insurance doesn’t pay for it (even when my doctor wrote a prescription) because I don’t NEED it to survive. Well, I don’t NEED Vicodin and Naproxen to survive, and they pay for that! Bleh. I don’t want to spend that on just drinks, even if it is only for a couple months.

 Anyhoo, off to bed. Tomorrow is a day off from helping Gabi, so I can get some extra rest (got so tuckered out today about 3pm I had to take a nap in her spare bedroom). Work a little bit on getting the apartment cleaned and ready for the carpet steamers on Friday. But mostly rest… and eat!

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Going up makes me go down!

So…apparently my body doesn’t like high elevation. Less oxygen (forgot my oxygen tank this time!), makes my heart work harder and use more energy…lots of energy!

Weighed myself yesterday morning, and was 74.8! I’m usually about 80-82! So yesterday I tried to really stick to my diet and eat every couple of hours. This morning’s weight is 75.4 which is barely over half a pound.

Today I’m going to try to stick to the diet again. It’s only 9:45 and I’ve already eaten twice. Of course, they weren’t big meals or even very healthy…but at least I got calories in me! Twix candy bars (150 cals) at 8:30 and now I’m trying to gag down some Carnation Instant Breakfast made with whole milk (280). It’s not that I don’t like it, usually…but silly me, I brushed my teeth an hour ago, and now it tastes weird! Plus, even though I slept decent last night, now I’m already tired, and I don’t like eating when I’m tired… well, don’t like doing ANYthing when I’m tired.

Gotta scoop my 2 litter boxes, then off to work to do Gabi’s grocery shopping and scoop her 25 litter boxes! Maybe I can get home early and go to bed early…maybe…hopefully…


In Loving Memory… Paizly


Paizly went peacefully to The Rainbow Bridge on October 19, 2012 at 2:45pm

Pictures I took before taking her to the vet.

While she was still “healthy”, her quality of life was practically gone. By now, she could barely walk, and it was obviously uncomfortable and too awkward anymore. All she did was lay in bed all day, except for one or maybe two trips to the litter box – which she can’t even climb into anyway, and I put a plastic mat on the floor for her…which sometimes she used, sometimes not. I had put her food bowl by her bed, as she used to sit and meow pitifully while looking over to where the food bowl used to be…halfway across the room. She also needs 3 medications daily (urinary & arthritis), and she HATES me doing that every morning and it’s much too stressful…for both of us.

She would still purr and act happy when I pet her and snuggled her in bed (after having to lift her up…she wouldn’t even use the pet stairs the last few months). But for the other 20 hours of the day, she was “stuck” in bed and probably bored when she wasn’t sleeping. I had started feeling bad about this a few months ago, but wasn’t sure if I should keep her around or not.

I finally decided that maybe it would be better for her if she didn’t have to suffer with all these annoyances every day, the few times she was active.

Next month I plan to bring home Orange Momma, who has also had a rough life. She got attacked by raccoons, her litter killed and almost died herself of the injuries, then has lived in the shelter the last 5 years. Time for her to be pampered and spoiled!

Orange Momma

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Winter is unofficially here. Bleh!

Got home from the annual family vacation yesterday (it’s at a ski resort, up in the mountains, during the 42nd week of the year – so basically the second to last week of October). It snowed quite a bit in the morning. When the weather cleared up in the afternoon, I decided to leave. I drive a sedan with only basic tires, and didn’t want to get stuck at the resort if the canyon closed because of weather conditions. But I don’t mind the shortened vacation – still had half a week with the family and some fun time. Everybody else (dad, sister, nephew, sister’s boyfriend) is still up there, because they drove vehicles with 4-wheel drive. My dad has Blazer SUV and sister’s boyfriend has a pickup. When I woke up at home this morning, there’s a couple inches of snow…which means the mountain probably got at least half a foot, added to the couple inches the other day.

The only thing I like about snow is it’s pretty when it’s fresh. Other than that, it gets dreary when it becomes dirty and sludgy, it’s cold and wet, and can be hazardous. I hate winter!

Today I need to work on cleaning the apartment. I have had just about no time the last couple months for it, because of taking care of my friend who’s recovering from hip surgery and MANY complications afterward. Other friends have taken over this week, so I will use this time for myself. Back to nurse-maid work tomorrow, though!

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Quick Update

I have been taking care of a friend, who had hip surgery, for the last couple of months. Gabi is the founder/Director of A New Beginning Animal Rescue. Not only is she my “boss” at the cat rescue, but we’re good friends. Actually, we seem more like soul twins… we like a lot of the same things in music, food, humor, etc. and get along wonderfully. Sometimes I’ll get done with work early, but still go home late because we get to chatting and just go on forever!

She is 50 years old…so not too old, but her body seems to think it has to start klunking out already. She had her right hip replaced on August 9. Due to a nerve block that didn’t reverse after 36 hours like it was supposed to, a couple weeks later she couldn’t feel infection at the surgery site (and can’t really see at that angle, either)…the staff infection built up until it went septic, and suddenly she was VERY sick. The doctor said if we hadn’t gotten her back to the hospital within a couple hours that we had, she might have died.

So on Aug. 31 they had to take the hip out, clean out all the tissue that was contaminated, and put a new hip in. Well, it hasn’t gone septic, but the infection just doesn’t seem to want to go away! She’s been on home IV antibiotics for the last 8 weeks, and is still very weak …and frustrated!

I practically live at her house now, helping out with whatever I can. She does pay me a little to cover gas for getting to/from and eat lunch out sometimes, but I also do it because I like to. She doesn’t really have anybody else – her son is in jail (again), and all other family is in Austria where she was born. The church members help a little, but they all have family and jobs and other stuff to take care of.

Soooo, I spend about 10 hours a day at her house, doing chores (scooping 25 litter boxes and cleaning up other messes from her 60 cats, laundry, dishes, fixing her food and bringing it up to her bedroom, shopping, banking, and other errands), and then I try to use a couple hours at home for my own chores and activities.

While I don’t mind helping, it’s frustrating us both. She can’t seem to get better, and hates being dependent – I would like to have a more steady/lighter schedule and more time for my own stuff, like remodeling my apartment which I have had to put on hold for this. Oh well…I guess it’ll happen eventually.

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