Vivid Dawn's random ramblings

Quick Update

on October 25, 2012

I have been taking care of a friend, who had hip surgery, for the last couple of months. Gabi is the founder/Director of A New Beginning Animal Rescue. Not only is she my “boss” at the cat rescue, but we’re good friends. Actually, we seem more like soul twins… we like a lot of the same things in music, food, humor, etc. and get along wonderfully. Sometimes I’ll get done with work early, but still go home late because we get to chatting and just go on forever!

She is 50 years old…so not too old, but her body seems to think it has to start klunking out already. She had her right hip replaced on August 9. Due to a nerve block that didn’t reverse after 36 hours like it was supposed to, a couple weeks later she couldn’t feel infection at the surgery site (and can’t really see at that angle, either)…the staff infection built up until it went septic, and suddenly she was VERY sick. The doctor said if we hadn’t gotten her back to the hospital within a couple hours that we had, she might have died.

So on Aug. 31 they had to take the hip out, clean out all the tissue that was contaminated, and put a new hip in. Well, it hasn’t gone septic, but the infection just doesn’t seem to want to go away! She’s been on home IV antibiotics for the last 8 weeks, and is still very weak …and frustrated!

I practically live at her house now, helping out with whatever I can. She does pay me a little to cover gas for getting to/from and eat lunch out sometimes, but I also do it because I like to. She doesn’t really have anybody else – her son is in jail (again), and all other family is in Austria where she was born. The church members help a little, but they all have family and jobs and other stuff to take care of.

Soooo, I spend about 10 hours a day at her house, doing chores (scooping 25 litter boxes and cleaning up other messes from her 60 cats, laundry, dishes, fixing her food and bringing it up to her bedroom, shopping, banking, and other errands), and then I try to use a couple hours at home for my own chores and activities.

While I don’t mind helping, it’s frustrating us both. She can’t seem to get better, and hates being dependent – I would like to have a more steady/lighter schedule and more time for my own stuff, like remodeling my apartment which I have had to put on hold for this. Oh well…I guess it’ll happen eventually.


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