Vivid Dawn's random ramblings

Winter is unofficially here. Bleh!

on October 25, 2012

Got home from the annual family vacation yesterday (it’s at a ski resort, up in the mountains, during the 42nd week of the year – so basically the second to last week of October). It snowed quite a bit in the morning. When the weather cleared up in the afternoon, I decided to leave. I drive a sedan with only basic tires, and didn’t want to get stuck at the resort if the canyon closed because of weather conditions. But I don’t mind the shortened vacation – still had half a week with the family and some fun time. Everybody else (dad, sister, nephew, sister’s boyfriend) is still up there, because they drove vehicles with 4-wheel drive. My dad has Blazer SUV and sister’s boyfriend has a pickup. When I woke up at home this morning, there’s a couple inches of snow…which means the mountain probably got at least half a foot, added to the couple inches the other day.

The only thing I like about snow is it’s pretty when it’s fresh. Other than that, it gets dreary when it becomes dirty and sludgy, it’s cold and wet, and can be hazardous. I hate winter!

Today I need to work on cleaning the apartment. I have had just about no time the last couple months for it, because of taking care of my friend who’s recovering from hip surgery and MANY complications afterward. Other friends have taken over this week, so I will use this time for myself. Back to nurse-maid work tomorrow, though!


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