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Going up makes me go down!

on October 27, 2012

So…apparently my body doesn’t like high elevation. Less oxygen (forgot my oxygen tank this time!), makes my heart work harder and use more energy…lots of energy!

Weighed myself yesterday morning, and was 74.8! I’m usually about 80-82! So yesterday I tried to really stick to my diet and eat every couple of hours. This morning’s weight is 75.4 which is barely over half a pound.

Today I’m going to try to stick to the diet again. It’s only 9:45 and I’ve already eaten twice. Of course, they weren’t big meals or even very healthy…but at least I got calories in me! Twix candy bars (150 cals) at 8:30 and now I’m trying to gag down some Carnation Instant Breakfast made with whole milk (280). It’s not that I don’t like it, usually…but silly me, I brushed my teeth an hour ago, and now it tastes weird! Plus, even though I slept decent last night, now I’m already tired, and I don’t like eating when I’m tired… well, don’t like doing ANYthing when I’m tired.

Gotta scoop my 2 litter boxes, then off to work to do Gabi’s grocery shopping and scoop her 25 litter boxes! Maybe I can get home early and go to bed early…maybe…hopefully…


2 responses to “Going up makes me go down!

  1. Bumpy Light says:

    Maybe you could try small treats like slices of pork sausage throughout the day. They’re fatty and have a lot of calories. It helps if you get a good quality brand and slowly cook down the sausages until they’re nicely browned and swimming in their rendered lard. This concentrates the flavor wonderfully! Also, what about rich, buttery pound cakes?

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