Vivid Dawn's random ramblings

Slowly but steady…

on October 28, 2012

Eh…didn’t make it again, but a little better than yesterday. Partly because I slept a lot. Didn’t get up until 10, then took a nap from 2-4. Puttered around with talking to my godmother on the phone an hour, played with kitties. Anyhoo, maybe tomorrow will be better. Today’s tally:

hot chocolate: 200ish

cheese danish: 300ish

fruit punch: 200ish

burrito 400ish

milk 150

Total calories: 1,250+

I still need a snack before bed. I’m thinking either oatmeal or candy bars – both 300ish.

Forgot to weigh myself today. Or at least my usual way…with my clothes on in the afternoon (rather than in undies in the morning) it was 77.6. I think I like that, even if it is wrong by a good pound! LOL


I got my living room more or less cleaned up. Still gotta vacuum, but I may do that another day. Got 5 boxes full of stuff to donate to the thrift store, and 4 large trash bags to be taken out to the garbage bin. And I still have my bedroom/office area to do! Dunno if it’ll all get done by Friday…I may have to scramble Thursday night to at least clear off the carpeted area. Already I just started dumping stuff in boxes, and stacking them on the table, just to get the floor cleared off.

Of course later I’ll have to actually go through all these boxes and organize stuff into proper places. But I won’t be in such a rush later.


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