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All tangled up…

Yesterday I spent over 14 hours in bed with an upset stomach and feeling generally “blah” both physically and emotionally (I despise winter!). Today I got up an hour late at 8am, snarfed down the only thing I had to eat that was quick – microwaved macaroni and cheese – and wanted to be out the door by 9am to do my grocery shopping at the food bank so I could be home in time to put stuff away and leave for work by 12:30. My tummy decided either it didn’t want so much so fast, or just didn’t want THAT, or just wasn’t going to settle after resting all night. So I go back to bed and set the alarm for 12:15… guess I’m getting my groceries on Tuesday.

12:03pm I hear cat puking. Eh…roll over and go back to sleep. More puking…again and again. Good grief! So I roll over to peer over the side of the bed to see a piece of gift ribbon in a puddle of foam. D’oh!  By 12:15 there were nearly a dozen puddles with no more ribbon.

Elly decided she was going to go hunting for stuff to chew on and found the ribbon in a box in my office. As I have no idea how much she ate, I called the vet and asked what to do. Got told I should watch her for the next few hours. Um… I was supposed to be working for the next few hours. So I dropped her off at 1pm and they could examine and watch her, and all that good junk.

No more vomiting on the way, but she doesn’t like carriers and was probably too stressed to resume purging her system during the car ride. Either that, or she was done by then anyway.

I called at 4pm, to be told they were so busy they hadn’t even seen her yet! So poor Elly has to stay the night, and I’ll check with them again in the morning.

Hoping she gets rid of it naturally, and doesn’t need surgery.

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Not the brightest bulb in the lamp…

Sometimes my (lack of) smartness amazes me!

I feed a group of ferals on my dad’s property. A bag of food and a couple gallon jugs of water are replenished once a week, but otherwise stay outside next to the feeding area in a plastic storage bin, so that I don’t have to lug stuff to/from the house every day.

A couple weeks ago the water was half frozen, so I had the idea to just whack it with my fist and break up the layer of ice so I could pour out the water underneath. I was wearing gloves, so figured my hand would be cushioned…right? Nope! Hit that jug with the outter side of my hand and it STUNG!!! Burned for a couple minutes, but then I was fine. Left no bruise later. So guess what’s hurting right now? I have no idea why it decided to be sore NOW.
My hand didn’t break, but neither did the ice. I got the ice broken by banging the jug against the storage bin, which I probably should have done in the first place anyway.


Also, Zinny came back after being missing for 5 months. But as it’s currently 4 am, I’ll have to post that later. Now I’m goin’ back to bed!

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Welcome Home Elly!

I brought Elly home yesterday.


She growled at me when I put her in the carrier, at the shelter. Of course, she probably thought she was going to adoptions – which includes, but not limited to: being stuck in a cage, noisy kids and dogs, people poking their fingers through the bars, and possibly getting shots or other medical stuff done (she has ear problems, and we’re always poking around in there with Q-tips to clean them out).

When we got home, then she didn’t want to come out of the carrier. New place and all, I’m sure she probably thought she wasn’t supposed to come out. Eventually I coaxed her out with some canned food of liver/bacon flavor. Then I went to work and let her settle in.


Last night, she slept on the bed with me. I hope she becomes a snuggler, after she gets used to things. She did curl up by my pillow…the same spot Xanthe likes! It should be very interesting on Monday night how they work that out!


Just now I let the other two kitties into the room, from keeping them locked out yesterday so Elly wasn’t overwhelmed with too many new things. So far it’s going well. She growls and stays put in the middle of the room. Nebbie couldn’t really care less that there’s a new cat – a few chirping sounds, but she’s basically ignoring Elly and is more interested in helping me type this post. Xanthe is hunkered low to the ground and slowly creeping (looks like she just got yelled at! LOL) toward the bed.

When I leave today, I’ll lock the other two out again…just in case. Hopefully by Tuesday morning they can be all together without any trouble.


Oh, and by the way. Her name was Orange Momma (they needed something quick for paper records). But I changed it to Ellylldan. That is the Welsh version of the Will O Wisp fairies. They would light up and look like lanterns down the road, leading men out into the woods or swamps then blink out and leave the poor guys stranded to find their own way back home. She is a little “fire spirit” and can be tricky to deal with (especially at the vet!)…so I figured it fit better.

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