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Welcome Home Elly!

on November 4, 2012

I brought Elly home yesterday.


She growled at me when I put her in the carrier, at the shelter. Of course, she probably thought she was going to adoptions – which includes, but not limited to: being stuck in a cage, noisy kids and dogs, people poking their fingers through the bars, and possibly getting shots or other medical stuff done (she has ear problems, and we’re always poking around in there with Q-tips to clean them out).

When we got home, then she didn’t want to come out of the carrier. New place and all, I’m sure she probably thought she wasn’t supposed to come out. Eventually I coaxed her out with some canned food of liver/bacon flavor. Then I went to work and let her settle in.


Last night, she slept on the bed with me. I hope she becomes a snuggler, after she gets used to things. She did curl up by my pillow…the same spot Xanthe likes! It should be very interesting on Monday night how they work that out!


Just now I let the other two kitties into the room, from keeping them locked out yesterday so Elly wasn’t overwhelmed with too many new things. So far it’s going well. She growls and stays put in the middle of the room. Nebbie couldn’t really care less that there’s a new cat – a few chirping sounds, but she’s basically ignoring Elly and is more interested in helping me type this post. Xanthe is hunkered low to the ground and slowly creeping (looks like she just got yelled at! LOL) toward the bed.

When I leave today, I’ll lock the other two out again…just in case. Hopefully by Tuesday morning they can be all together without any trouble.


Oh, and by the way. Her name was Orange Momma (they needed something quick for paper records). But I changed it to Ellylldan. That is the Welsh version of the Will O Wisp fairies. They would light up and look like lanterns down the road, leading men out into the woods or swamps then blink out and leave the poor guys stranded to find their own way back home. She is a little “fire spirit” and can be tricky to deal with (especially at the vet!)…so I figured it fit better.


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