Vivid Dawn's random ramblings

All tangled up…

on November 30, 2012

Yesterday I spent over 14 hours in bed with an upset stomach and feeling generally “blah” both physically and emotionally (I despise winter!). Today I got up an hour late at 8am, snarfed down the only thing I had to eat that was quick – microwaved macaroni and cheese – and wanted to be out the door by 9am to do my grocery shopping at the food bank so I could be home in time to put stuff away and leave for work by 12:30. My tummy decided either it didn’t want so much so fast, or just didn’t want THAT, or just wasn’t going to settle after resting all night. So I go back to bed and set the alarm for 12:15… guess I’m getting my groceries on Tuesday.

12:03pm I hear cat puking. Eh…roll over and go back to sleep. More puking…again and again. Good grief! So I roll over to peer over the side of the bed to see a piece of gift ribbon in a puddle of foam. D’oh!  By 12:15 there were nearly a dozen puddles with no more ribbon.

Elly decided she was going to go hunting for stuff to chew on and found the ribbon in a box in my office. As I have no idea how much she ate, I called the vet and asked what to do. Got told I should watch her for the next few hours. Um… I was supposed to be working for the next few hours. So I dropped her off at 1pm and they could examine and watch her, and all that good junk.

No more vomiting on the way, but she doesn’t like carriers and was probably too stressed to resume purging her system during the car ride. Either that, or she was done by then anyway.

I called at 4pm, to be told they were so busy they hadn’t even seen her yet! So poor Elly has to stay the night, and I’ll check with them again in the morning.

Hoping she gets rid of it naturally, and doesn’t need surgery.


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