Vivid Dawn's random ramblings

One step forward, one step back

on January 16, 2013

All those goals I set… sooo not happening. YET!  Hey, tomorrow is a new day, fresh start, and all that good junk.

I have taken a few pictures, but not every day like I wanted. Still, probably more in the last couple weeks than all of last year.

Articles….eh, I keep looking at the work list, and just can’t get into the writing mood. I really need to shape up with that though, because being in debt is starting to get more annoying than having to drudge through work.

Diet. Oiy! I was really good yesterday and ate 4 of 6 meals and got more than 2,000 calories. I even weighed an additional pound this morning (77.4 lbs). Then I ended up slacking off today about the diet thing. I did plan out meals, got everything all ready to go… then got distracted with other stuff and just didn’t bother being self disciplined enough to take breaks to eat. Bleh…so now my weight will probably go down to the starting mark again (76.6).

And of course blog posts aren’t getting done too often. But I did one now, really quick, before I go to bed early! (got my TV fixed yesterday and stayed up until 2am watching “Law & Order: S VU” for 8 hours)


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