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Food Survey (part 2)

on February 16, 2013

I did another one.

Best board game snack? Chex mix Muddy Buddies


roasted or boiled hot dogs? No. Hot dogs are icky!


corn on or off the cob? creamed corn (off)


Meatloaf or roast beef? Meatloaf (but without “tomato puke” on it)


oatmeal with water or milk? MILK!


best sandwich when you’re super hungry? Nutella on white


Snack that is easy to overeat? dried fruit


rather eat three healthier cookies or one unhealthy cookie? all 4!


favorite topping for veggies? Ranch salad dressing


favorite fruit to cook with? pineapple


best raw veggie? Bell pepper ‘sticks’ (yellow/orange for sweet, green if I’m more in a tart mood)


best dip for raw veggies? Ranch salad dressing


who would you invite for a dinner party if you could invite anyone? Nobody, I’m extremely introvert ;p


favorite appetizer to eat off a toothpick? olives (green or black)


soup with crackers or bread? Bread


croutons or nuts in your salad? hulled sunflower seeds


cake with ice cream or whipped cream? both!


top a baked potato with… bacon bits, shredded cheddar cheese, ranch salad dressing, more cheese!


top a bowl of healthy whole grain cereal with… milk


fries with ketchup or cheese? fry sauce (it’s a Utah thing)


favorite lazy Sunday morning breakfast? Nothing…if I’m up early enough on Sunday to have breakfast, it’s not very lazy! 😉 (okay, okay, french toast and fruit preserves)


best romantic dinner? Finger foods! Seriously, feed each other little bits of stuff…ain’t that romantic?


craziest sandwich you’ve made or eaten? I put ranch salad dressing instead of mayo, which apparently is crazy *shrug*


weirdest ice cream topping? bacon (Burger King does this…wtfrak???)


if elves existed what would you feed them? Well, if they’re pansies like Lilywell Greenleaf, probably something vegan. If they’re dark elves/Drow, probably some steak cooked medium rare..if cooked at all 😉


how do you like your marshmallows when you cook them over a campfire: flaming, lightly brown, burnt or slightly warmed? golden brown and crispy on the inside, mushy/gooey on the inside


salted peanuts or candied peanuts? chocolate covered


if you could travel anywhere for dinner, where would it be? I love to eat campfire dinners, so “the forest” I guess


best way to use syrup besides putting it on pancakes or waffles? *shrug?*


if you could eat sweets all day what would you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Anything with caramel and chocolate (except for Burger King’s bacon sundae…that’s just wrong!)


eating in the car: hot or not? not…too cramped to really enjoy food (and too complicated if you’re also trying to drive!)


pickles with a sandwich: hot or not? depends on the sandwich…lunch meat yes, peanut butter and jam NO


strawberry pie: hot or not? hot…with graham cracker crust and lots of whipped cream


hot sauce: hot or not? well that should be obvious 😉 (but no, I don’t like it)


spinach: hot or not? HOT! It’s even good cold 😉


sushi: hot or not? hot  YUMMY!!!


shrimp: hot or not? hot (and it’s good cold too)


favorite thing to eat with….


a fork: pie & cake


a spoon: pudding


a stick: marshmallows


your fingers: cherries


cinnamon bun or donut? donut


coated with icing or covered in a glaze? icing


favorite flavor Popsicle? grape


best hard candy? mint or butterscotch


what foods do you play with before you eat them? jelly beans (though it’s more like sorting, not playing)


do you like keeping your foods separated or mixing things up? depends on the foods…


picky eater or adventurous eater? I will try anything once – after that, picky depends on if I liked it or not!


best dried fruit? mango & papaya


most energizing snack? I haven’t the foggiest idea… (with my clunky ticker, I’m never energized!)


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