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Soon…. SOON!

on March 15, 2013

AURGH! It’s about freakin’ time! Spring is coming! YAY!! While it hasn’t “officially” started (not for another 4 days), the crocus flowers started blooming the other day!

The forecast says snow on Sunday, but it should stay up in the hills & mountains (or at least that’s what I’m hoping). Yes I know we need the moisture, but why can’t it just be rain? Rain doesn’t need to be scraped off the car for 10 minutes with numb fingertips, rain doesn’t need to be shoveled, and rain is slightly safer to drive in (though some people seem to think it’s TOTALLY safe and still end up sliding all over).

But soon Spring will be here, and winter will be gone (for a whole 4 months, but I enjoy the break while I can…at least I don’t live somewhere like Minnesota or Alaska!). Or maybe Mother Nature will have another PMS moment and drag it out like she did in 2010… it snowed on May 31! When I was camping! AURGH!  I really want to move to a sub-tropical place…

Anyhoo, I have proof that there is hope!

A few years ago my dad dug up the flower bed at the front of the house and moved all the dirt (including bulbs of crocus, iris, tulips and hyacinth) over by the little wooded area in the back yard. Despite the fact it started out as a huge mound of dirt, somehow the little flowers survived and after rain/snow/wind has evened out the ground, there’s now a sort of little “secret garden” area at the back corner of our property. It’s wonderful! Added to the fact that it’s right in front of the entrance to the little thicket my feral cats live in, is now my favorite place to sit outside in warm weather and have some “me time”.

The yellow ones are a group my dad missed when he remodeled in front. The white one is over at my little corner of heaven in the back yard.

Ha! Missed me!

Ha! Missed me!

Secret/feral garden

Secret/feral garden



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