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Spring? HA!

on March 21, 2013

So much for the first day of Spring being nice.

The weather had been quite nice the last couple weeks, and even warm enough I didn’t wear a jacket for a few days. Then the first day of Spring (yesterday) was dreary… cold, gray-skied, drizzling rain.  Last night there was a raging storm. The lightening was flashing literally every other second, the thunder was rolling and cracking constantly, howling wind and pounding hail (not too big, but about the size of pea gravel). In fact, it was such a ruckus that poor Nebbie jumped off the bed and went to hide. I got out of bed to watch the lightening, but of course as my luck would have it, the storm was to the North and my window only faces the south… so I didn’t see any actual bolts, just the blue-ish illumination of everything.

So anyhoo… This morning the sun was shining through my little bedroom window, so I figured it might end up being a nice day after all. I get dressed and go into the kitchen to be presented with this:

Mother Nature is confuzzled about what season it is...

Mother Nature is confuzzled about what season it is…

And no, that is not snow that is in the process of melting. That is NEW snow! And the weather forecast says more is on the way.

Alright, I understand that winter got a late start… but that doesn’t mean it has to be late leaving! It’s SPRING! I want my flowers and green grass and blue sunny skies back! Okay, gray skies and rain would be fine, but no white junk!  😦


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