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Happy Trails

on March 29, 2013

I love the outdoors, but don’t go out and really enjoy them as much as I should. So I decided I’m going to go for a hike every week! (would really like to do it 3 times: on Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

While I like the nature junk in my own back yard just fine (the crocus flowers have died off, and been replaced by daffodils!), a change of scenery is nice too.


There are several hiking trails near my house, so I am going to try them one at a time. Today was Fernwood trail.

On the edge of the National Forest, adjacent the trail head, is “The Castle”. I suppose it is officially “Wardley Castle”, but I like it’s other title of “Fernwood Castle” better… it fits for the area more, and Mr. Wardley is trying to sell it (as of 2010, anyway. I don’t know it’s current status), so it won’t be “Wardley” forever anyway.

Fernwood Castle

Fernwood Castle

Anyhoo, onto the story of my first hike!

It seemed relatively easy at first. I am SO out of shape! I got to the little stream and already my heart was pounding and jumping. So I sat down to have a snack of granola bar and milk I had brought (and yes, I was good and put the wrapper back in my bag… there was enough litter around already, I didn’t feel the need to contribute to the eye-sores!)

Recovering from winter

Recovering from winter

Where I stopped to rest was obviously not too far along…you can still see the parking lot, for cryin’ out loud!  But after a snack and a rest, I got up and got going again…for about maybe 100 feet.

Stream rocks on the right side

Stream rocks on the right side

There is a wonderful view of the valley! I took a picture, but it doesn’t do it real justice. The picture is fuzzy, but in reality you can clearly see Antelope Drive and the roadway over the lake and out to the island.

In the ravine I heard rustling. It was loud enough I thought it might be something like a deer! But it turned out to be just a little squirrel darting around in the sticks. Come to think of it, that ravine is so steep I’m not sure a deer could be on the edge…maybe a mountain goat (which I think I’m too far west to ever see one)

Ravine and distant lake road

Ravine and distant lake road

Considering I had gone maybe only 200 meters, I didn’t want to wimp out yet. So I decided to go a little more…still rather slowly of course (more like an afternoon stroll than a hike! LOL). The trail was at a slight incline so far, but relatively easy… after the view of the ravine, though, it started getting steeper and I figured I better not risk totally wearing myself out for the day. There is a tree that’s already green (I wonder if it’s some sort of pine? It was little and scrawny though), about another 100 feet further, and that’s my goal for next time!


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