Vivid Dawn's random ramblings

I’m too tired to think of a decent title. I probably should be in bed, but figured I ought to post something really quick.

More flowers have bloomed in my “secret/feral” garden. Yellow daffodils, red tulips and purple hyacinth.


On my way home from pet adoptions, I saw the little herd of deer that live in the field near my house. I actually stopped the car (and got out) to take pictures. That, of course, spooked them and by the time I got my phone ready and snapped a shot, all I got were the blurry tail-ends of the critters darting into the trees. Maybe I’ll get a better picture next time (gotta figure out my zoom, so I don’t have to leave the car to get up to the fence!)


Oh, and no hikes this week. Either too tired (Monday), didn’t have time (was in the city all day Wednesday and did extra chores for Gabi on Friday), and now it’s supposed to rain/snow next week. BUT! I did reach another goal…my weight this morning was lbs 80.2! YAY! I wanted to be that by my birthday next month, but maybe now the goal will just be to keep it on and not lose again! (I would also like to be 90 by the first day of summer, and 100 by winter)

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