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Such a busy weekend!

5/16 Thursday – The weather was stormy. A little too chilly for my liking, but certainly nothing like winter…sooo glad THAT is over! Anyhoo…there were dark rainclouds high in the sky, and the white cotton fluff kinds hanging along the mountain side, and just enough sun peeking through to illuminate everything beautifully! I wish I could have taken a picture, but I was driving where the most beautiful scene was.

My dad went to the emergency room because he was worried about not having a bowel movement since his surgery on Monday morning. Apparently the narcotic pain killers they gave him made him very constipated. An injection of some sort, prescription strength Metamucil, and he’s just fine now.

I took in four kittens who are about a month old. One I gave to Gabi because it just wasn’t gaining weight, but otherwise seemed healthy. The other 3 are a pound, though I wish they would gain a bit more. However, they have plenty of energy!


5/17 Friday – Went to help Gabi with chores a couple hours early. Then we drove to Salt Lake City and went to a German deli/grocer so she could get her “homesick fix” with buying lots of breads and meats (she stores them in the freezer and has a supply to last a few months – then she goes back and does it all again, 3 times a year or so). Then we went to a Brazilian Grill type restaurant where they bring the roast meat to your table and carve it right off the spit. I have been there about half a dozen times, this was Gabi’s first time…and certainly not last! We kept thinking of all the times we could have the excuse to go there…birthdays, anniversaries, or just for the heck of it. That place is wonderful!


5/18 Saturday – My birthday. But did I get to have the day off and be pampered? Noooo, I’m too nice for my own good. Work at the cat shelter at 11am, then drove cats 30 miles up to the adoption event at Petco. Of course this was the day that the store was crowded (dreary weather seems to bring everybody to the pet store) and we were understaffed with volunteers, so I stayed the whole time. Usually I don’t do much other than sit around and answer customer questions, but with fewer other volunteers, I actually worked! Made sure all the cats had food and water during the day, changed soiled litter boxes, and finally packed up cats and drove them back to the shelter. I didn’t get home until after 8pm!


5/19 Sunday – Since I was so busy yesterday, today was the family birthday party. My sister and dad each gave me $35 (a dollar for every year), my 6 year old nephew gave me a penny (he couldn’t find anything else! HAha!). I got cookies-n-cream cake, and actually was able to blow out the candles… since my sister was nice and didn’t use the trick ones this year that re-light.

The directors and supervisors at ANBAR gave me a cat tower/condo, since I don’t have one and always wanted one (I have a little scratching post, but nothing elaborate for my kitties to climb on/in).

I used my birthday money to buy a futon, since I really have no furniture in my apartment. I don’t like to use my bed for anything other than sleep, and my computer chair really isn’t the greatest for lounging around and reading a book or something. It will be delivered some time next week.


Yesterday I let the kittens out of the bathroom, since they have been meowing pitifully for a while the other day. All my cats are vaccinated, so I figure it’s okay. And I supervise the outtings, and now they’re basically out the whole time. I do put them back in the bathroom when I leave the house, though…just in case!

Elly doesn’t like them too much. She gets all growly if she even hears them. Nebbie will sniff noses, but if they try to cuddle up to her, she gets hissy and leaves. Xanthe also growls, but is usually in the other room anyway. Zinny seems more scared of them, and will jump back and run away when they get close.

I clipped their claws (very carefully!) today, as they are just shredding my legs to bits when they try to climb up me.

And I still haven’t chosen a name for Scooter…

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Scooter – aka: ?

Kitten season has begun!

In the last few weeks, the no-kill rescue I volunteer with has gotten over two dozen kittens! Oiy!

One of the kittens seemed to have deformed back legs. Special needs cats are extremely difficult to adopt out – and since I already owned a crippled cat, my boss asked if I would take this one. She was calling him Scooter, because he would scoot instead of crawl. His feet also point outward to the side, rather than pointing straight in towards the front paws like they should.

In the last couple days he has started walking better and better, so maybe his tendons were just a bit too short when he was born. He’ll probably be perfectly fine, once he gets moving around more and can stretch out his muscles a bit. He’s already lifting himself up on them, rather than just pushing against and going forward along the ground.


Anyhoo. I refuse to keep his name Scooter. For one thing, that’s sort of mean (I didn’t name Paizly “Stubby”! Though my dad did call her that, but it wasn’t her official title), plus if he’s getting better it wouldn’t fit anymore anyway!

So now I need to come up with a proper name. I want it to be unique and reflective of either his appearance or personality (he’s much more calm and quiet than his siblings).

3 or 4 weeks old

3 or 4 weeks old

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