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Sunday service

I did not go to church (yet again!). I did, however, serve my fellow men… well, women actually.

Today I delivered a live trap to a lady who is trying to catch all her ferals and get them spayed.

Then I went to Gabi’s and scooped litter (only did her bedroom and the 3 biggest boxes downstairs).

On the way home I decided to take the scenic drive by the river. I was just under 60mph, and would have liked to go slower, but I’m not sure if I would get in trouble for that. Probably not, as there was hardly any other traffic and I wouldn’t be impeding it. Besides, I had medicine for the foster kittens that needs refrigeration and as it is was kinda warm when I got home.  No pictures of course, since I was driving  😉  Maybe next time I’ll stop on the shoulder if I see something particularly pic-worthy.

Now I’m going to put new linens on the bed, take a long bubble bath, and go to bed. Got a doctor appointment in the morning, then back to Gabi’s to do a FULL job of scooping all 20-ish boxes.

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