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Good times

I got my paycheck from TextBroker. The bad news is that I didn’t put it in savings. The good news is that I get plenty of stress relief and laughter – I bought the kids a new toy! It’s one of those ball track things. Ollie (currently a foster) seems to think it’s a good place for a nap. The two black brothers play with it the most, as they’re the youngest and easier entertained than the older cats.

Ollie toy nap
I also bought a new litter scooper – metal, because the plastic one is just too flimsy. I also bought 140 pounds of litter, so that should last me a while!

I have decided to try a new schedule. I will wake up at 4am (give or take an hour), and start my daily To Do list. Then a nap, THEN go help Gabi with her chores. Bedtime is now set at about 6 to 8pm.
Two days. So far, it’s going pretty well! I have cleaned up a major section of my main room, almost caught up on laundry, and better about eating more often. Even though I don’t actually have more time, it certainly seems like I do!

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