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Rootin’ tootin’ shootin’!

A local, certified firearms instructor offered to give me a free (first time) private class, as I’ve been getting an interest in guns. So he met me at the gun range yesterday. For the most part it was great and I learned lots of nifty stuff and had fun shooting. Didn’t have much fun with the heart freaking out and ruining our fun with an ambulance arrival :p

Short story long:

We met in the parking lot so I could learn some basics before just going right in and getting ahead of myself. This is okay with me, as I’m in no rush and realize it will take time getting to know about guns. He showed me all about bullets, casing, priming, cleaning, loading, general safety tips, etc. I asked questions, got clarifications, and I hope I’m a good student 🙂

So then we go inside and get to the cleaning supplies so I can see the different oils and brushes and all that good junk. Then to the counter to rent an aisle (free! Apparently Tuesday is Ladies Night) and a gun. Another .22 but a little bigger than mine, and honestly a little intimidating. But I guess bigger is better for my worries of the noise and recoil and all that junk. Got the ear and eye gear on and went into the shooting booth.

I expected it to be noisy, but good grief! That gunfire was still loud even with earmuffs, and I could also feel it physically in my chest. And it startled me the first couple times, as nobody gave any warning (aren’t you supposed to yell “Fire in the hole!” first? LOL) just all of a sudden BOOM!  … BAM!  But after a few times I got used to it and focused on him and learning more. At this point I’m thinking “Okay, this is it, I’m really doing it” and getting both excited and a little nervous. So my heart is a bit jumpy – but I figured that would happen. No big deal.

We get to our aisle, and I wanted him to shoot first just so I could watch how that particular gun (the rental, not mine) sounded and acted when shot. I have seen slow-mo video on YouTube and know that there’s a small fire burst when they’re shot, and wondered if it would sting my hand. Also worried that any recoil would make me drop the gun, since I have wimpy weak little hands. Over-all I’m just sort of worried about shooting and ending up hurting myself.

So he did a few first, and my heart starts pounding a bit faster as it gets to be my turn. So I adjust my hands how instructed, take a deep breath and slowly pull on the trigger. Click. Eh? “I think I broke it!”

Nope, he messes with it a moment and hands it back. Another deep breath, clench my teeth and slowly pull the trigger… BOOM! goes the gun, and BOOM goes my heart too.

It didn’t hurt. In fact, it really didn’t even ‘kick’ at all. The only thing I wasn’t expecting was a dull tingling in my trigger finger (kind of like how you hold a vibrating thing for a while – vacuum cleaner handle, electric screwdriver/drill, etc.) and have a mild numby feel). It wasn’t painful, just odd and unexpected.

And it was fun!

But my heart decided I was having a bit too much fun and excitement and kept pounding and racing. I sat down and tried to relax a bit. Big steady breaths, clearing mind…. He suggested I go out into the shop where it wouldn’t be so loud and cramped. So I do and take all my head gear off and take another breather. After a couple minutes I could tell that it was “stuck” in an episode I’ve had before…200 beats per minute and pounding hard! The only fix is IV meds. Oiy!

So. I got to shoot ONCE, and we were only there maybe 20 minutes or so. I feel bad for ruining the fun so quick. And kind of embarrassed to be toted off in an ambulance! LOL

Since I haven’t had SVT in a few years, and it took over an hour for the meds to fully work (they’re supposed to work instantly, but I needed 2 doses and my heart kept trying to go back to speeding), they decided to keep me overnight for observation. And I got new meds.

The morning doctor who came to see me said maybe I shouldn’t do gun shooting for my poor little heart’s sake. But MY doctor (who came in the afternoon) actually encouraged it. He wants me to not only be out, active and enjoying life, but wants to see if these new meds work. I hope they do! And now that I know better what to expect, I probably won’t be nearly as nerve wracked either…I’m looking forward to next week! 🙂

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