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Holiday season means vacations, which means leaving your home for a while. Make sure it’s taken care of! Many burglers take advantage of houses that are left dark, or newspapers piling up. Pets are more comfortable at home than in a kennel at a strange facility.

I am new to this business, so I am not (yet) licensed or bonded…but I’m working on it! I do have 4 refrences available, and have been trusted with house keys and security system codes. I have been doing this as a personal favor to friends and family for over 5 years, and enjoy it more than the other types of side income jobs I have had. Background check is available upon request.
My rates may seem low, but I believe in building a good reputation before profits! Services may be customized to include or limit whatever you feel would best meet your specific needs. I prefer to come to the house and be interviewed no less than 2 days before starting a job, so that you are comfortable with leaving your home in my care.

House sitting includes:

  • Two visits (usually 9am & 7pm)
  • Turning lights on/off
  • Collecting mail & newspaper (porch packages too!)
  • Trash can to/from curb
  • Watering house plants

Pet sitting includes:

  • All house sitting services
  • Feeding and fresh water
  • Play with pets 15 minutes each visit
  • Scoop litter boxes
  • Clean small pet cages/aquariums once every 3 days if services span 4+ days. (I can tend freshwater aquariums, but do not have experience with salt water/reefs)

Due to my health issues and physical condition I cannot shovel walks/driveways.
Dog weight limit is 25 pounds for safety reasons. I also prefer to sit dogs only for overnight stays, as they require more potty breaks than just twice a day.
Area limit is 20 miles from Layton.

$10 house ($50 for a full week)
$15 house & pet ($75 for a full week)

I am willing to stay overnight(s) at the house, rather than doing individual visits.

I am also willing to barter other services/goods in exchange for my services. Currently I am in need of:

car oil change

chimney sweep/fireplace cleaning

fireplace repair (bricks are falling out of the back wall)

Nail set (acrylic, gel, wrap, etc.)


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