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While I would like all my posts to be “worthwhile” (not even totally sure what that would mean, exactly), at least I’m doing a post relatively sooner than I have been. ….and that didn’t make sense either. It’s SO bedtime!

Anyhoo. Tomorrow is the Fourth Of July, which means purdy sparklies in the sky. I have purdy sparklies in my hair…as soon as I find my camera, I’ll take a picture. Red, silver and blue hair tinsel!

I have gotten back to writing articles for internet content. My jobs both don’t really need me at the office anymore, and since I bought a fancy (aka – EXPENSIVE) new computer…I sortta need income from somewheres.
My goal was $10 a day…yeah, that’s working out great! *sarcasm*
In the last 4 days, I’ve made $7.29 and just submitted an article that will be another $7.58 if it’s approved. IF…already had one article returned for me to revise this week.
But I refuse to work tomorrow (even though there are more articles worth $6 to $8 in the pool), and just gonna have fun with my friend. I’ll get back to the drudgery on Thursday.

Oh, and my birth control implant doesn’t hurt much anymore. Friday I wanted to chop my arm off! Now it only hurts if I bump it.

I think that’s it. And if it’s not, too bad… I go beddy-bye!

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