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One step forward, one step back

All those goals I set… sooo not happening. YET!  Hey, tomorrow is a new day, fresh start, and all that good junk.

I have taken a few pictures, but not every day like I wanted. Still, probably more in the last couple weeks than all of last year.

Articles….eh, I keep looking at the work list, and just can’t get into the writing mood. I really need to shape up with that though, because being in debt is starting to get more annoying than having to drudge through work.

Diet. Oiy! I was really good yesterday and ate 4 of 6 meals and got more than 2,000 calories. I even weighed an additional pound this morning (77.4 lbs). Then I ended up slacking off today about the diet thing. I did plan out meals, got everything all ready to go… then got distracted with other stuff and just didn’t bother being self disciplined enough to take breaks to eat. Bleh…so now my weight will probably go down to the starting mark again (76.6).

And of course blog posts aren’t getting done too often. But I did one now, really quick, before I go to bed early! (got my TV fixed yesterday and stayed up until 2am watching “Law & Order: S VU” for 8 hours)

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One down, many to go

Well, I got at least one goal accomplished…wrote an article. Now if it gets approved, rated with a high score and paid, I’ll be really happy! 

Tomorrow another article…one a day, so I can get $60+ a month. Yay!

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It’s that time again…setting goals and trying not to break them after a week or so. Here’s mine, in order of importance:


I am such a whiner…about everything! I need to remember that I’m living a WONDERFUL life, compared to other people, and I should be grateful rather than grudging about what’s “wrong”.

* Pray and read scriptures every day.

* Go to church at least once a month.

* Use less vulgarities (yup, I got a potty mouth. I should at least start using words that would be appropriate in front of kids if I have to cuss)


* Gain weight (15 pounds (to be 90+ lbs) by the end of the year at the latest! Sooner is better.)

* Eat healthy (or healthIER anyway)

* Take ALL medications and supplements (I’m bad about being lazy and “eh, I’ll do it tomorrow”. Not so bad with vitamins, but very bad with Coumadin!)

* Wear oxygen 15+ hours per day (7+ at night with AvAP, 5+ during the daytime)

* Wear AvAP no less than 5 nights a week.

* Walk 15-30 minutes 3+ times a week. As it is, I can barely make it halfway across a store parking lot without feeling like I’m gonna die. Gotta get my heart stronger!


* Spend time for ME and relaxing. I have been so busy lately with volunteering, working, and just saying “yes” to anybody who wants something. This year I would like to still help out as much as I can without getting burned out (which then leads to me to the complaining part, when I should be doing it heartfelt)
I would love to be able to go camping at least once a month during the warm season, and just sit around with a good book and hot drink for a while during the cold season and not have to worry about being selfish.

* Take at least one photo per day. I want to take one photo of the view out my front door every day, and at the end of the year compile a slide show of the changing of the seasons. I would also like to take 1+ pictures of things I find beautiful, interesting, fun or just plain random every day.

* Make at least one blog entry per week. (and of course this isn’t the first time I’ve set and broken that goal!)


* Don’t use credit. Pay everything with cash – if I can’t pay in full at the time, I don’t get the item/service. (exception is car stuff: insurance ($400/yearly) and car registration ($200/yearly). Had to use credit for new tires last year too as they were $300 all at once! And now my intake manifold gasket is leaking and gonna be a good $200 if I can do it myself…$700+ if I take it to a shop!)

* Pay off debt as much as possible. I will not be totally debt free this year (though that would certainly be nice!), but I need to stop just doing the minimum payments and put more into it so it gets done faster.

* Put money in savings…and keep it there! Last year I did have savings, though it was a “dedicated” account to remodel my apartment. I got that done! I probably should have another “dedication” or else I won’t have a clear reason not to dip into at random times.

* Earn extra money. I do have a fixed income, but it barely meets the requirements of meeting the above goals. It would be nice if I could get another $100 a month and split it between savings and debt paying.

That’s it, really. There are tons of other “little” things I want to improve, but mostly they tie into the bigger goals anyway. Now…let’s see how long I actually do all this!

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