Vivid Dawn's random ramblings

Try, try, and try again

on October 27, 2012

Epic fail. Today’s total calorie count so far: 1,080. I was gonna try for at least 2,000. If I have more Carnation Instant Breakfast and a chocolate covered granola bar (the generic brand, because it has 220 calories… I like the taste of the Quaker better, but they’re only 140), I can ALMOST reach my goal at 1,580. But almost doesn’t count.

I had considered a burrito with cheese and ranch dressing. But I think that’s much too “heavy” (and spicy) to have at 9pm. I will plan that for lunch tomorrow, though. It’s a good 700-ish calories if I drink more Carnation junk with it. What I really should do is dip into savings and buy a week’s worth of Ensure Plus or Boost Plus, and have at a couple of those every day. My doctor actually wants me to have 3 a day until I get up to 90 lbs, buuuut they’re $100 a month, and insurance doesn’t pay for it (even when my doctor wrote a prescription) because I don’t NEED it to survive. Well, I don’t NEED Vicodin and Naproxen to survive, and they pay for that! Bleh. I don’t want to spend that on just drinks, even if it is only for a couple months.

 Anyhoo, off to bed. Tomorrow is a day off from helping Gabi, so I can get some extra rest (got so tuckered out today about 3pm I had to take a nap in her spare bedroom). Work a little bit on getting the apartment cleaned and ready for the carpet steamers on Friday. But mostly rest… and eat!


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